Press Release 29/12/2017

At 18.00 on Friday 29th Dec., two BEEP Fund Doctors from Penrith & Keswick responded, at the request of the Northwest Ambulance Service, to a serious RTC on the A66 near Crackenthorpe, Penrith. The 20 year old driver of the car involved suffered extremely serious injuries & was trapped in his vehicle for approximately 30 minutes before being extricated by Cumbria FRS. He was immediately given intensive specialist medical treatment at the scene by the doctors & NWAS paramedics and also continuing this en route to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle. However, despite their best efforts he sadly passed away shortly after reaching hospital. Our thoughts & condolences are with his family at this very sad time.

Press Release 12/12/17

Press Relese 12/12/17
At around 15.30h on 11/12/17 a BEEP fund doctor was tasked to assist Penrith MRT responding to a fallen climber above Blea Tarn. The 37 year old male sustained major injuries, for which he was treated on scene. Following a 9.5 hour extrication he was air lifted to the RVI in Newcastle for further treatment. 

Press Release 22/10/17

RTC Workington:

At 03.15 this morning (22nd Oct.), two BASICS/BEEP Fund Doctors (pre-hospital emergency care doctors) from Penrith & Keswick were called by Northwest Ambulance Service to a very serious accident involving one car on a small country road near Workington; two of the occupants suffered extremely significant life threatening injuries & once extricated from the car (in which they were trapped for about 45 minutes) both were given advanced life saving medical procedures at the scene by the two doctors and NWAS paramedics before being flown by a Coastguard SAR helicopter to the RVI Major Trauma Centre in Newcastle, continuing the treatments in the helicopter throughout the journey.
Three other occupants suffered less serious injuries & were taken by land ambulance to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle & the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.

Press Release 4th July 2017

At 2010 BEEP were asked to assist with a fallen motorbike rider near to Hartside summit. The 38 year old male was treated at the road side for significant arm injuries and transported to the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle for further assessment.

Press Release 21/07/2017

At around 13.00h on the 21/07/17

A BEEP doctor was called to assist at a 3 car RTC at J40 on the M6, as part of a multiagency team with Ambulance service paramedics and the Great North Air Ambulance all casualties were assessed and treated at the road side. A female passenger was taken to James Cook University Hospital by helicopter and a male to the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle for further assessment.

Press Release 25/06/17

Serious RTC on A66 near Warcop yesterday 25th June at 16.00 involving 2 cars & an HGV; BEEP Fund Doctor attended along with Pride of Cumbria GNAAS Air Ambulance (including two doctors & a paramedic) & NWAS land crew paramedics. One person was very seriously injured & despite significant resuscitation efforts at the roadside was pronounced dead at the scene; three others suffered minor injuries one of whom was taken to Carlisle by ambulance.

Press Release 24/05/17

Called to attend an RTC between a motorcycle and car near to Hartside Cafe. The 35 year old bike rider was treated for his injuries by a BEEP Dr and NWAS paramedics before being transferred to the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle. 

Press Release 17th May 2017

A BEEP Dr was called to a building site near Lazonby following a steel beam falling onto a 40 year male causing head injuries. The BEEP Dr was part of a multiagency team including NWAS paramedics and GNAAS HEMS. The patient was transported by helicopter to the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle for further assessment and treatment.


At approx. 23.00 on 22nd May, BEEP Fund Doctor Theo Weston was called by NWAS to attend & assist with the emergency response to the dreadful events in Manchester last night; he and another NWAS Paramedic drove to the incident & helped out at the scene for several hours treating those injured in this tragedy, returning back to Penrith by 05.30. 
On behalf of BASICS NW our thoughts & deepest sympathies go out to all those injured & the relatives/friends of those killed in this appalling attack.

Press Release 15/05/17

Two vehicle head-on RTC on small country lane between Armathwaite & Carlisle, Saturday 13th May 20.10; one car with four young male & the other with two older husband & wife. The four males suffered various significant injuries including limb & pelvic fractures; one was trapped & needed to be cut free by the Cumbria FRS. All were treated at the scene by crews from NWAS and two BEEP Fund Doctors attended from Penrith providing an extra level of medical interventions to some of the casualties; both Doctors accompanied patients in the ambulances to Carlisle.