The BEEP Fund was set up in April 1994 as an addition to the existing Penrith and District Accident Scheme. This Scheme has provided a basic level of equipment for local doctors in the Upper Eden area of Cumbria, including Penrith, Kirkoswald, High Hesket, Temple Sowerby, Kirkby Stephen, Shap, Keswick and Caldbeck, for over 20 years, enabling them to attend accidents and collapses in the area.

Dr Theo Weston MBE
“We felt there was a need to take this a step further in and around Penrith. We bought more sophisticated equipment and developed a dedicated vehicle (the Immediate Response Vehicle) which was capable of carrying this equipment to where it was needed. We now have this vehicle in Penrith and it attends any road traffic accident in the Penrith area as well as most other medical emergencies.”
Dr Theo Weston, Birkbeck Medical Group and Chairman of the BEEP Fund.

Our team now consists of three trained doctors, Theo Weston, Peter Hodkin and Dan Leach who are shown in the picture below. The doctors' own cars are now equipped with Blue lights and a sub set of the equipment which is carried in the main vehicle.
Dan                          Theo                       Peter
The car attends all road traffic accidents in the Penrith area (within a radius of 10-15 miles) as well as most other medical emergencies. At present we receive around 180 calls per year from ambulance control, with whom we work in close association in the form of paramedic equipped ambulances.

The BEEP car
Some of the equipment carried in the vehicle/s is listed below.

  • Ultrasound scanner
  • An MRL Pic monitor/defibrillator to monitor the heart, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature and blood pressure
  • An AED defibrillator
  • A ventilator device
These each cost over £6 000 but they have been shown to save lives.

The car also carries oxygen, entonox, splints, collars, intravenous fluids and other supplies as well as being fully kitted out with emergency lights, siren, reflective stripes and a radio. More up-to-date equipment is continuously being bought or used to replace old stock as equipment improves or use by dates pass.